Camera Shaped House: Unique Building Design in Belgaum, Karnataka

camera shaped ravi hongal house

People in different countries have various interests and professions. This becomes an opportunity as well as a challenge for an architect to come up with the design which satisfies both the client and can also mark a legacy in his/her own profession. But, creativity has no boundary. Every person has his own way of expression. Some do it with the help of music, dance, others may choose poems, etc. In the same way, a photographer in Belgaum, Karnataka, designed a camera-shaped house for himself.


Camera Shaped House


The house from its exterior looks exactly like a camera with viewfinder, lens, flash, and memory card. Ravi Hongal, from Belgaum, in Karnataka, dedicated this house for the love of his photography profession. Moreover, the local people also reported that Hongal spent over USD $95,000 (Rs. 71,63,048) for building the three-storeyed house.

Not just that, the ceilings and walls in the interior resemble various parts of the camera. The house completely represents the quote ‘changing dream into a reality’, which Hongal has somehow achieved with his unique idea of designing a camera-shaped house.


Ravi Hondal camera shaped house
Image ©Bioreports


Nowadays, unique house designs somehow, have managed to grab the attention of the people worldwide. There are so many house design ideas,  loved as well criticized by the public. But, this hasn’t stopped people to live their own dreams. Similar to the camera-shaped house, there are various other designs as well that became a hot topic amongst people. Some of these are:




Designed by Sim Jae-duck, the chairman of the organizing committee of the Inaugurated General Assembly of the World Toilet Association. Built-in Suwon, 46 kilometers south of Seoul, and launched on 9th November 2007. The house named ‘Haewoojae’, meaning- a house that satisfies an individual’s anxiety.  The house is a 419 of structure which features two bedrooms, two guestrooms, and other rooms.


toilet shaped house



Image ©Atlas Obscura

Inaugurated on 4th August 2011, the Heliodome, a bioclimatic solar house located in Cosswiller in the Alsacian countryside near Strasbourg, eastern France. Designing of the house is like a giant-three dimensional sundial, set on a fixed angle in relationship to the sun’s movement. This further provides shade during the summer months, keeping the inside temperature cool, and during the season of fall, winter and spring, sunlight enters the large windows as the sun’s position is lower in the sky, thus warming the living space.


bioclimatic solar house


house NA


The house located in Tokyo, Japan, is designed by Sou Fukimoto Architects. It is also known as House NA, which showcases a modern and transparent style of architecture. Consequently, the house carries large glass windows for the daylight to entre, but also lacks privacy. The indoor has been kept exposed to neighbors and passer-by. Moreover, the three-storeyed house represents an adult treehouse for a permanent address. Also, with the use of windows all around the structure, the defined internal space gives an illusion of a spacious environment connecting outside with the inside.


Image ©Architectural Record


hobbit house
Image ©Atlas Obscura

Situated in Wales, the design is inspired by the movie The Lord of the Rings. Built with maximum regard for the environment, the house uses natural materials and which costs only $5200.




Star Trek Voyage House
Image ©The Mirror


This house has the interior of a Star Trek ship, completed using LED lightings and intergalactic sound effects. The location of the house in Hinckley, Leicestershire.

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