Cap Rocat Hotel- Cala Blava, Mallocra, Spain

PROJECT: Cap Rocat Hotel

LOCATION: Cala Blava, Mallorca, Spain


ARCHITECT: Antonio Obrador

AREA: 356,123

Cap Rocat Hotel View

Image ©Cap Rocat


A 19th-century fortress, built as a military stronghold on the island of Mallorca sat unused for years, until being restored by the architect Antonio Obrador in a Cap Rocat hotel. This resulted in a captivating and singular, adults-only boutique hotel, set in the middle of a nature reserve and bird sanctuary in the secluded Bay of Palma. This 88 acres Cliffside property is one of the beautiful, and lush settings anyone could hope to stay in.

Cap Rocat_Aerial View

Image ©Cap Rocat


Posed with a great challenge to restore the Spartan military facilities into a hotel. Architect designed the place that blends into its surrounding landscape which minimizes its environmental impact. This further resulted in a rustic and luxurious hotel, that is grand in its antiquity yet intimate.

Cap Rocat aerial view

Image ©Cap Rocat


Cap Rocat hotel features a collection of 24 rooms and 22 suites, magical dining venues, private rock cliff beach with direct access to the sea, jetty and water pool.

hotel interior

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The double Fortaleza rooms located alongside the guard posts that supervise the great entrance and the defensive moat.

  • Also, these special rooms master the charm of sleeping in a fortified citadel in which its patios, streets, and battlements have been carved on the rock.
  • In addition, the double Fortaleza rooms offer a king-size bed, elegant en-suite bathrooms, and a finished terrace, allowing a great experience to the mild Mediterranean weather.
Hotel Beaches

Image ©Cap Rocat


The rare experience of sleeping in a former military fortress goes to a higher level with the Cap Rocat Suites.

  • These large rooms located in the first inner circle of the fortress, occupy a series of coastal defense batteries within the perimeter of Cap Rocat.
  • The suites have a unique interior design that blends an elegant bedroom with a living area and a spacious bathroom with vaulted ceilings.
  • Also, every Cap Rocat Suite has three different terraces, at different levels.
  • Here guests can savor breakfast, rest on its hammocks, or gaze upon the boats that wander the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean from each private gazebo.
Cap Rocat interior

Image ©Cap Rocat


Hidden in the rock, on the edge of the cape’s cliffs where Cap Rocat was built.

  • These three very rare rooms, carved like watchtowers in secret enclaves, splendidly transforms from surveillance points.
  • Further entrance to Palma Bay into elegant rooms that blend the uniqueness of ruff rocky walls with delicate woods, refined rugs, soft Mediterranean fabrics, and large mirrors that reflect the golden light.

Image ©Cap Rocat


Hotel Interior

Image ©Cap Racot


The room, where white Mediterranean tones and vaulted ceilings enhance the serenity of the elegant bedroom and the quaint living area. This further shares a unique space which earlier used to be one of the bastions of the former fortress.

  • Its extensive bathroom, designed for wellness, creates the sensation of being in a private spa, offering its guests the ideal setting for pure pampering.
  • The outdoor spaces of the El Cabo Suite, are a true sanctuary of relaxation.
  • These invite to enjoy the private pool and three different terraces, crowned by a gazebo where to enjoy scintillating sunsets.
Swimming Pool and Spa

Image ©Cap Rocat


  • These quaint houses offer the privacy and charm that distinguish Cap Rocat’s signature style.
  • Consequently, a Mediterranean garden surrounds the suite creating the sensation of being in a cozy villa with outdoor spaces.
  • Both in their plunge pool overlooking Palma’s bay and at the salty breeze kissed terraces for sunbathing or star-lit dining.
cap rocat

Image ©Cap Rocat


The Spa carved on the depths of the fortress is located where the former deposit of water was.

  • The focal point is a dramatic saltwater swimming pool, sunk 12m below ground level – yet wonderfully bright.
  • A wide conservatory-style glass ceiling allows the brilliant Mallorcan sunshine to flood the space by day
  • While by night, the clear star-filled skies create a mesmerizing place to swim.
  • The vast exposed limestone walls also add a touch of drama to the experience.

Image ©Cap Rocat

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