Gallery House by Abin Design Studio in Bansberia, India

PROJECT: Gallery House

LOCATION: Bansberia, West Bengal, India

ARCHITECT: Abin Design Studio

AREA: 330

COLLABORATOR: Partha Dasgupta



night view gallery house

Image ©Edmund Sumner

An architect plays a crucial role in the upliftment of a community, achieved through the design and his/her future perspective. Similarly, the Gallery House designed by Abin Design Studio is a reimbursing work made especially for the welfare of the community.

The project commissioned by the same client for whom Abin Design Studio had completed the grandiose private villa. Subsequently, Gallery House is situated across the street of that villa. As the project is located in a peri-urban area of Bansberia. Therefore, the client had a requirement of a garage on the ground floor with some rooms to house the staff.

Looking forward to the simplicity of the project, the Architect somehow managed to convince the client to do something for the community. Thus by abandoning the initial request, the client decided to use the ground floor as a community room, with upper floors having multipurpose rooms.


As the architect originally belongs from the same area, therefore it was a necessity to design the building to which the community can relate to. Thus, the project inspired by the terracotta temples of the state, West Bengal.

gallery house brick and ceramic detail

Image ©Edmund Sumner


Every year the area conducts a cultural celebration where a festive procession along the narrow, winding streets held. To provide a gathering space, the building descends towards the street forming a gallery for the spectators. This further gives a shared space for the people of the neighborhood used by the local community. In addition, by providing the working spaces on the first floor like the pantry and seating, privacy and security are maintained.

Moreover, the upper floors have a multipurpose room designed primarily to provide yoga classes and sessions for the local community. At night, the space functions as a dormitory for the resident staff.


abin design studio sketch gallery house

©Abin Design Studio


gallery house abin design studio

Image ©Edmund Sumner



Image ©Abin Design Studio

gallery house first floor

Photography ©Edmund Sumner


The main building materials used- exposed to bricks and ceramic tiles. The simplicity achieved through local material is what defines the character of the building. Where the bricks come from the factory located along the river nearby, similarly ceramics chosen with the help of ceramist. In addition, the flair of the building masonry attained by the help of local masters.



Photography ©Edmund Sumner


exterior detail

Image ©Edmund Sumner

brickwork detail

Photography ©Edmund Sumner


sitting area

Photography ©Edmund Sumner


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