Sangath Vastu Shilpa Consultants, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

PROJECT: Sangath Vastu Shilpa Consultants ARCHITECT: Balkrishna V Doshi BUILT: 1978-198 LOCATION: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India The architect and urban planner Balkrishna V. Doshi is one of the most recognized and influential architects of India. But beyond that, their cultural theories and philosophical teachings have placed in a prominent position in the international scene. LOCATION: The Sangath

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Cap Rocat Hotel

Cap Rocat Hotel- Cala Blava, Mallocra, Spain

PROJECT: Cap Rocat Hotel LOCATION: Cala Blava, Mallorca, Spain COMPLETION: 2019 ARCHITECT: Antonio Obrador AREA: 356,123 INTRODUCTION: A 19th-century fortress, built as a military stronghold on the island of Mallorca sat unused for years, until being restored by the architect Antonio Obrador in a Cap Rocat hotel. This resulted in a captivating and singular,

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Pakistan Monument, Islamabad, Pakistan

PROJECT: Pakistan Monument LOCATION: Shakarparian Hills, Islamabad, Pakistan AREA: 28,000 m2 STARTED: 25th May 2004 COMPLETED: 23rd March 2007 ARCHITECT: Arif Masoud ENGINEER: Syed Mahmud Khalid STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Mushtaq & Bilal INTRODUCTION: Located on the western Shakarparian Hills in Islamabad- Pakistan Monument is a national monument and a heritage museum that symbolizes the unity of

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Gallery House by Abin Design Studio in Bansberia, India

PROJECT: Gallery House LOCATION: Bansberia, West Bengal, India ARCHITECT: Abin Design Studio AREA: 330 COLLABORATOR: Partha Dasgupta COMPLETION: 2020   An architect plays a crucial role in the upliftment of a community, achieved through the design and his/her future perspective. Similarly, the Gallery House designed by Abin Design Studio is a reimbursing work made especially

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Residence 568 Panchkula

Residence no. 568 by Charged Voids

PROJECT: Residence 568 by Charged Voids LOCATION: Panchkula, Haryana, India       CONCEPT: Charged Voids best known for their contemporary yet sustainable designs have completed their project Residence 568. The house features a cross-axis spatial concept, designed around a courtyard. Rest all of the spaces are placed around the courtyard. The main concept was

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hunnarshala foundation

Hunnarshala Foundation

Vernacular architecture is something that will never fade with time. It is built to meet the specific needs, accommodating the values, economies, and ways of life. But is still underrated in terms of architectural styles. Where the world is moving more towards modernism, influenced by modern materials and technologies. Vernacular architecture is still somehow standing

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