Swiss Chalet, Chhatarpur, Delhi by Sanjyt Syngh Design Studio

PROJECT: Swiss Chalet
LOCATION: Chhatarpur, Delhi
AREA: 10,118 mt. sq.
ARCHITECT: Sanjyt Syngh design Studio




Image© Sanjyt Syngh Design Studio



Swiss Chalet, a 2.5-acre farmhouse set in Delhi’s Urban Sprawl, Chattarpur, is a weekend home designed by interior designer Sanjyt Syngh for the family, living in South Delhi.


Image© Sanjyt Syngh Design Studio

The client needed public and private space within the house. In terms of aesthetics, the brief was extremely crisp. The idea was to convert this pre-built structure into an Urban Swiss Chalet.

The idea was to relish the landscaping and the water bodies over the weekends which is a rare sight and a luxury in the city of Delhi. It is basically meant to be a home away from home over the weekends but at the same time, they use it as a guest house for friends and extended family.


The 5000-square feet built-up space spreads over two floors. So, the architect decided to break it down into a guest floor and a private floor but they also broke it down into a winter floor and a summer floor keeping the four seasons of Delhi in mind.

Swiss Chalet

Image© Sanjyt Syngh Design Studio


Swiss Chalet ground floor consists of an open plan with a kitchen, dining and living room. The living room is a dark and cosy space. A fireplace has been provided within the space so it could also be used as an entertaining space during the winters. The morning light in the kitchen is lovely and it turns into a cosy breakfast place for the whole family to hang out and relax within the space.


Image© Sanjyt Syngh Design Studio



Image© Sanjyt Syngh Design Studio



Image© Sanjyt Syngh Design Studio

The bedroom on the ground floor is used as a guest room whereas the bedroom on the first floor is used by the family.
The staircase and the wooden panelling to the first floor are made from the reclaimed wood. The walls are painted in a beautiful rich Blue Waltz. The muted sage green shade and tonal curtains compliments and blend beautifully with the wooden log ceiling on the first floor.

The living room on the first floor overlooks the infinity pool. It consists of a lovely home office as well as a terrace overlooking the pond where ducks play merrily. Overall, this entire space is meant for entertaining personal and private guests.

Swiss Chalet_Living_room_Interior

Image© Sanjyt Syngh Design Studio



Image© Sanjyt Syngh Design Studio

The space has a very airy vibe with large glazing on all sides overlooking the pool on one side and a landscaped garden on the other. Besides this, the dark colour composition has been intelligently used, which is rare in the interiors of Indian residences. Even though it was a daunting task complementing the dark elements, but still each and every corner has been thoughtfully and tastefully curated to bring a sense of new. The space exudes its own style and young personality.

Swiss Chalet_Bedroom_2

Image© Sanjyt Syngh Design Studio



Image© Sanjyt Syngh Design Studio


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