Waterwoods Lodge and Resorts, Karnataka

PROJECT: Waterwoods Lodge and Resorts Pvt. Ltd.

LOCATION: Karapura, Mysore District, Karnataka

ARCHITECT: Mistry Architects

CLIENT: Pavan Kapoor

SITE AREA: 5,289.32 mt. sq.

OCCUPIED AREA: 1953.30 mt. sq.



waterwoods lodge and resorts

Image ©Umeed Mistry


Waterwoods lodge designed by Mistry Architects blends modernity into the riverside. Also, the best amenity at the lodge is its proximity to nature. Located in Karapur, Karnataka this boutique resort facility sits amidst the deciduous forest completely unified with the existing buildings and landscape.

sustainable design

Image ©Umeed Mistry


“ The water, the landscape, and the sky inspired us!”

-Ar. Shahrukh Mistry and Ar. Deepa S Wani


A sustainable design approach, by making the best use of natural sources and using locally available material and manpower was the key intent. In conclusion, the program carries a design sensitive approach towards the lay of the land, surrounding ecosystems, sight/view lines, and existing building footprint.

exterior view

Image ©Umeed Mistry


The requirements were to design

  • private rooms,
  • common spaces- spa, library, gym, pool, bar, and entertainment spaces.
  • Support spaces- kitchen, storerooms, utility, service yard, staff quarters, recreation space, and outdoor experience
waterwoods lodge and resorts site plan

1. Main Entry 2. Security 3. Shop 4. Reception and Admin 5. Koi Fish Pond 6. Arrival Deck 7. Spa 8. Lobby 9. Library 10. Room 11. Pool 12. Filter Room 13. Transformer 14. Service Access 15. Kitchen 16. Dining Deck Floor plan

Waterwoods Lodge and Resorts have a pedestrian entry from the north-east through a landscaped walkway that leads to the reception and waiting area which is a semi-covered space. Through a koi-fish pond, one walks into the 9-bedroom lodging facility, wherein all rooms overlook the pool and the river beyond on the south and spills into the surrounding landscape with deep decks. Moreover, common spaces like the spa, library, bar, gym, and outdoor terraces complement these rooms, for one to completely unwind.

waterwoods lodge and resorts section

Image ©Mistry Architects

In addition, a semi-covered dining deck designed at the water edge, kitchen ad secondary spaces are located centrally to all the rooms with separate external access for ease of service. The six-bedroom block along the west angles out into the water with high split level roofs.


Image ©Mistry Architects


High pitched steel roof, floor to ceiling openings, and double heights enhance volumes that invite the surrounding green and water indoors. Deep overhangs for all openings prevent the rains from lashing in the pool with an invisible edge accentuating the depth of the site along the waterfront.


Image ©Umeed Mistry

Consequently, the high split level roofs got achieved with the use of thatch, and the underlay of bamboo filters the light and green spaces with large decks and terraces for stargazing nights. Also, all toilets are finished with rustic materials, looking out into the green with the rain showers. The terraces have natural stone flooring which is an anti-skid material.

mistry architects pool

Image ©Umeed Mistry


  1. Locally available materials and vernacular construction techniques
  2. Thatch tied with fishnet for roof cover
  3. Treated bamboo for roof underlays, vertical screens, and doors
  4. Boulders from nearby quarry for structural support systems
  5. Mud plastered walls
  6. Cuddapah, Kota, slate, cement floors and finishes
  7. Timber slabs for staircase tread ledges and flooring
  8. Solar power and turbo events
interior view

Image ©Umeed Mistry


  1. Nature-inspired imprints (animal footprints, leaves, etc.) adorn the floors, roof slab, light fixtures, etc.
  2. Also the use of solar power, effective water separation, recycle and reuse systems, turbo vents that run on wind energy, and sun tubes are some of the green technologies that have been incorporated in the design.
  3. Moreover, adequate slopes and berms have been done to drain the surface runoff water.


waterwoods lodge and resorts exterior view


interior finishes

waterwoods lodge and resorts mistry architects


waterwoods lodge and resorts interior room


waterwoods lodge and resorts night view

Images ©Umeed Mistry

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